Our Team

At Burnt Orange Accounting we pride ourselves on our enthusiasm, drive and ambition. Like most successful business we have great client service and low prices proudly at our heart.

We’re a small, closely woven team based in a cosy 1st floor office at No:1 Spark Terrace, Stoke on Trent. We are located in the heart of Stoke and within 5 minutes walk from Stoke Station. Our Accounts Assistants all sit side by side which means we get things done quickly. Information moves quickly through our team and we pride ourselves in keeping a keen eye on each of our client accounts, so we’re really understand their businesses.

We like to get personal and build long lasting relationships with our clients through regular meetings, business update sessions, social media and a good old chin wag, so they can really help to shape what we do.

We all challenge ourselves to do whatever we think is right to give our clients a better experience. We take ownership of all jobs – big or small - that need to happen. We’re always thinking of imaginative and innovative ways to do business that keeps costs low, so that we can pass savings to our customers.

Kerry Davies - Company Director

07974 154 692 / kerry.davies@burntorangeaccounting.co.uk

Kerry is an Accounting professional with a history and wealth of client side Audit, Stock Control, Financial Growth Management and HR & People Management expertise to her name.

Kerry founded Burnt Orange Accounting in 2009 and has always understood the fundamental practices that matter most to businesses. It is her personal and professional business approach that has led to the continued success and growth of Burnt Orange and many of our clients.

Gupi Bridges - Accounts Assistant


Rhonda Boughey - Accounts Assistant


Paul Wersagow - Accounts Assistant


Sandra Davies - Accounts Assistant


Contact Details.

If you have any enquiries, please complete our online form located on our contact us page and we will try and respond within 24 hours. If you enquiry is urgent please call us on: 01782 660 875 or alternatively on: 07974 154 692.

Prefer to email us? u2us@burntorangeaccounting.co.uk