"We provide a comprehensive and affordable Payroll Service with the expertise and accuracy of an in house Payroll Department."

In-depth information for Stoke on Trent payroll

Our payroll service is fully compliant with Inland Revenue requirements and will remain up-to-date, ensuring that your payroll meets the changing requirements of the taxman. We pride ourselves on offering a personal, flexible and accurate service with a clear charging structure.

  • Easy to set up payroll service We can import payroll data from other payroll software or sources to help get you up and running in no time. We will highlight common tasks that are designed to make the management of your payroll quick and simple.
  • Ensure your payroll is legally compliant Our software automatically checks that we are using the right version of the software for the current tax year, as well as taking care of legislation changes like October 2010’s new minimum wage.
  • Fast and secure payroll processing We make sure that your payroll runs smoothly and ensure your employees get paid on time. We produce electronic payslips that can be sent via email directly to your desired business email address.
  • Manage all the payroll essentials No matter how your business is run wel provide true flexibility. We can calculate extra pay, absenc,e overtime, shift work and have provisions for our clients to select different payment frequencies. We can also take care of Full-Time, Part-Time, Temporary and Contract worker payroll requirements.
  • Manage Payroll Year End Our Stoke on Trent payroll service can take the pain out of Payroll Year End. Our sotware automatically produces all the right forms and reports including P11, P14, P35 & P60, and we can electronically submit to HMRC or send to employees directly.
  • Stay on top of employee holidays We will take care of the complexities of holiday entitlement with ease. Our payroll service will satisfy hourly holiday entitlement, accrue based on start date and increase holiday entitlement based on length of service.
  • Take care of starters and leavers quickly and without fuss We can enter a P46 Notice of new Employee and submit it directly to the HMRC and automatically calculate final payments and submit a P45 for your leavers.
  • Create payments while processing payroll We can  create or add payments, deductions, attachments or loans.
  • Manage your payroll budget We will heap you to stay on top of your people costs, always know where you stand financially and plan for the future confidently.
  • Automatically back up your payroll data We automatically backs up your Payroll data each time we update your records, meaning you’ll always have a recovery point should things ever go wrong.
  • Manage Salary Sacrifice pensions We can specify the level of sacrifice and the software does all the calculations for you when exchanging salary for non-cash benefits.

Payroll - A text book explanation

Payroll for a business is the means by which it pays its employees for the work they do. Payroll Services describe the means by which that payroll is run, with the usual choices being:

  • In-house manually
  • In house via payroll software
  • Outsourced to an Accountant
  • Outsourced to a specialist Payroll Services provider
Towards the end of a payroll period (which could be weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.) the wages or salary that is to be paid to each employee is calculated with deductions for income tax and national insurance.

Arrangements are then made for it to be paid at the end of the payroll period. In the UK those processing the payroll are responsible for the following tasks to make sure that its employees are paid the right amount at the right time:

Calculating what each employee has earned during the relevant payroll period. Making the necessary deductions such as income tax, national insurance and pension payments.

The employee will be notified of their earnings for the payroll period via a payslip. The wages/salary will be paid to the employee and at the appropriate time the deductions paid over to the relevant bodies.

A P60 will be issued to each employee on an annual basis to show how much they have earned during the year. Although some businesses still carry out their payroll manually, most will use dedicated payroll software to make the whole process quicker and more efficient, and will use experienced payroll staff in-house or through an outsourced payroll service solution.

A fully managed payroll service...

If your company has particularly complex needs, this option may provide the service you need.

We believe that most businesses can benefit from selecting our payroll services. From Small to Medium Enterprises to larger corporate organisations, we can tailor our payroll services to suit your individual requirements.

As your payroll service providor, we will be flexible, approachable and professional. We will work within your payroll processing timescales and will always endeavor to match our efforts to your requirements.

Making payroll work for your business

At Burnt Orange we understand businesses and how they can grow. We work hard to undesrtand each of our clients and more importantly their businesses. We have been part of some success stories - businesses and people who have chosen to select us to work on their payroll.

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